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Austin Grease Removal Vacuum

Welcome to The GreaseVAC Company!  If you have a commercial kitchen in the Austin, TX area that utilizes fryolators and are searching for an efficient used cooking oil disposal and management system for the old oil, then you have come to the right place.  We have the Austin Grease Removal Vacuum  and storage machine you are looking for!

What The GreaseVAC Provides:

Whether your kitchen is in a hospital setting, corporate cafeteria, sports-stadium environments, or even movie theaters where frying of foods is important, The GreaseVAC Company provides what any kitchen demands:  an oil management system that is mobile and will quickly  and safely extract and store used cooking oil until it can be professionally removed from the premises.  Our goal was to develop a mobile self-contained grease extraction machine that would be safe, cost-effective and sanitary—enter The GreaseVAC!

For more than 9 years, The GreaseVAC Company has focused on the production and distribution of The GreaseVAC which automates the  extraction of oil from all fryolators in a safe  and clean manner.  It is entirely self-contained and is emptied via a quick connect adapter which your collection company would attach to the pump truck for extraction—simple, quick, safe, sanitary and efficient!

We, at The GreaseVAC Company, remain intently dedicated to fully meeting the needs of our Austin, Texas patrons; and some of our well-known clientele include: Westin Hotels & Resorts, Cinemark, HP Corporate Cafeteria, State Farm Corporate cafeteria, and Bush’s Chicken!

A Solution to a Common Dilemma

In most commercial kitchens, a universal challenge exists:  how to safely and quickly drain 350 degree used cooking oil from fryers without anyone getting burned.  Then, a second problem is safely transporting the messy oil in outdoor grease barrels or in tanks, somewhere on the premises.  Pouring used cooking oil into outdoor grease barrels results in predictable spillage which creates an unsanitary and smelly environment. Spillage attracts vermin and becomes a fire hazard and emits noticeable odors.  No business can afford that type of unsavory atmosphere.  The GreaseVAC solves that dilemma.

Reasons Why You Will Love It!

1: The GreaseVAC Will Meet Your Used Oil Cooking Disposal Needs:

The GreaseVAC is available in two sizes:  our most popular model is a 75-gallon unit that can store about eleven 50-lb. fryers’- worth of used cooking oil; and a second model is a 110-gallon unit that will store about sixteen 50-lb. fryer’s-worth of oil.  In a kitchen equipped with four 50-pound fryers, the GreaseVAC would not need to be emptied for about 3 weeks.

The smaller unit  (44” L) X (25” W) X (48” H) is ideal for more compact kitchens while the larger unit is 9” longer with all other measurements remaining equal.  Both sizes offer easy, convenient storage!

2:  The GreaseVAC Is Highly Efficient:

The GreaseVAC is capable of vacuuming the oil from a 50-pound fryer in an impressive 30-40 seconds!  The used oil does not have to cool down in order to be extracted since a specially-designed wand remains cool-to-the-touch during the elimination of even hot oils!  This is effectively accomplished by the oil traveling through a separate, interior channel.  Also, the nozzle is equipped with a safety screen which keeps debris from clogging the hose.  User-friendly, our product provides for a safer, cleaner environment; and no time is wasted on waiting for used oil to cool!

3:  The GreaseVAC Provides Mobility: 

If your facility requires you to transport the used oil long distances , the GreaseVAC’s  mobility is important to you.  The GreaseVAC transports about eleven fryers of old oil easily and safely to the location where the oil can be removed from the premises by your oil collection company.   The GreaseVAC is equipped with four heavy-duty, lockable, swivel casters that not only produce smooth movement, but allow for ease of maneuvering in tight spaces.   On level flooring, a single individual can handle the machine without difficulty.  If any substantial inclines were to exist along the flooring area, it is recommended a second person be used to help maneuver the machine to ensure overall control—safety first!

4:  The GreaseVAC Creates A Safer, Cleaner Work-Area:

The #1 cause of injuries and Workers’ Compensation claims in a commercial-kitchen environment is the handling of hot oil!  OSHA specifically states that deep-fat fryers are the #1 cause of burn-related accidents.  Due to heated oil’s inherent dangers, eliminating spent hot oil, as quickly as possible, is crucial to help reduce any potential accidents that can lead to serious injuries.  The beauty of The GreaseVAC is the perfected design which offers an automated process for the removal and storage of used oil.   As a result, hot oils are not given an opportunity to contribute to spillage, burns, slips and falls—these accidents become virtually eliminated!  Your employees are safer and happier!

Also, since The GreaseVAC doubles as an oil-storage machine, a commercial-kitchen environment will never have to contend with a dirty inside storage tank or outside grease barrels that are unsightly and odor-ridden magnets for bugs and rodents.   For hygiene and safety reasons, some communities are outlawing outdoor grease-barrels.  This translates into The GreaseVAC being the ideal, front-runner solution for your oil-extraction and oil-containment needs!

Pricing and Customer-Care:

Not only is our product user-friendly, but our pricing is consumer-friendly!  The GreaseVAC Company has a philosophy that puts our patrons first!  We continue to make pricing easy and very affordable by offering our Rental Pricing program which entails a low-cost, monthly outlay.   This way, our Austin clients can immediately take advantage of the GreaseVAC grease removal machine without having to deal with budget-approval towards a purchase.   In the long run, the Rental Pricing program is much more cost-effective, overall, than an actual purchase.

Here is a brief overview of how our pricing works and why it is so advantageous for you:

  1. There are no large, upfront capital outlays
  2. We offer low monthly or quarterly-payment options
  3. There are no repair expenses—we coordinate and pay for repairs that would be expected after years of normal usage
  4.  Your staff will never buy parts or contact repair technicians for the life of The GreaseVAC at your location.  Their single point-of-contact will always be The GreaseVAC Company!
  5. After about 6 years of use, The GreaseVAC Company will proactively replace the current unit. You pay freight one-way and our company pays the other.

Contact Us!

Feel free to give our knowledgeable staff a call today at: 972-692-2482 and we will answer any inquiries you might have! You can also click here to be taken to our contact page.

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