Grease Vac Cooking Oil Removal

The Grease VAC cooking oil removal services are a Mobile grease removal system that vacuums out used cooking oil from fryolators and stores it for later removal from the premises. For more than 9 years, The GreaseVAC Company has focused on the production and distribution of The GreaseVAC which automates the  extraction of oil from all fryolators in a safe  and clean manner.  It is entirely self-contained and is emptied via a quick connect adapter which your collection company would attach to the pump truck for extraction—simple, quick, safe, sanitary and efficient! Our design has been in use now at many different types of commercial eating establishments; such as:

  • Fast food restaurants
  • Hotels and Resorts
  • Hospitals
  • Corporate Cafeterias
  • Movie Theaters
  • Football Stadiums
  • Grease Vac Cooking Oil Removal
  • Grease Vac Cooking Oil Removal
  • Grease Vac Cooking Oil Removal
  • Grease Vac Cooking Oil Removal

The GreaseVAC has proven itself to be a rugged and reliable design that is safe and simple to use for cooking oil disposal. The GreaseVAC is capable of vacuuming the oil from a 50-pound fryer in an impressive 30-40 seconds!  The used oil does not have to cool down in order to be extracted since a specially-designed wand remains cool-to-the-touch during the elimination of even hot oils!  This is effectively accomplished by the oil traveling through a separate, interior channel.  Also, the nozzle is equipped with a safety screen which keeps debris from clogging the hose.  User-friendly, our product provides for a safer, cleaner environment; and no time is wasted on waiting for used oil to cool!

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